What is Moonlighting?

I recently learned about a concept called “moonlighting”. According to staffcare.com, “In its most basic terms, moonlighting is a secondary job worked in addition to your main, primary job. The term relates to any kind of employment, not just medical employment; for residents, moonlighting means working as an independent physician, outside of the scope of your residency training program.” Medical residents choose to moonlight for many reasons – many of them revolving around finances.

One of my favorite medical bloggers shared his experience and input on moonlighting. I had first heard of the term through one of my professors; he said when we become residents, we can “moonlight” for him. After some research on the topic, and realizing that many residents do this for the additional income, all I can think about is how grateful I’d be just to have SOME kind of salary! As of right now, I feel like the median resident salary of roughly $50k would be more than enough for me; because I know it’s temporary and I know that I have to work my way up to the desired salary of my specialty. Also, because I’m currently broke majority of the time, and any kind of extra cash in my account would be AMAZING! However, I can’t really comment on the salary until I get there, because I don’t know what residency is like, or what my life will be like at that time. I think moonlighting is an awesome opportunity for anyone looking to make some extra cash in residency. Knowing me, I will probably be one to try out moonlighting! Not only for the extra income, but for the exposure and experiences!


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