Studying Abroad in Costa Rica

I was on Facebook the other day and in my daily memories, a link to my blog from Costa Rica came up and highlighted an event that happened at my clinical internship in Costa Rica 3 years ago. For those who don’t know, while I was working on my bachelors at Clemson University, I had to complete a clinical internship abroad for medical experience, as well as to become fluent in Spanish. It was the first time I had really been away from home and lived in a foreign country for a semester. I am so thankful for that experience because I think it helped tremendously in preparing to move abroad for medical school.

Check out a (now) funny memory that I had in my internship. I wonder if I would have reacted the same way since being in medical school for 2 years. The internship was my first ‘real-world’ experience with medicine. Check out my posting here!


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