My Sun Sets to Rise Again

“My sun sets to rise again” –Robert Browning

As a medical student, my days go by very quickly. I wake up usually between 6:20-6:50am. I’m very particular in following my morning routine: I start off with brushing my teeth and washing my face to wake me up. Feed my animals. Apply makeup and start my coffee. Get dressed and eat breakfast. Prepare lunch and snacks for the day. Out the door by 7:45-7:50.

I spend about 9-10 hours every day on campus, whether it be studying in the library, socializing with friends during breaks, or sitting in lectures. The hours drag on while I’m there, but when I get home, it feels like the day flew by. One thing I have to look forward to every evening after a long day, is a picture-perfect sunset in my backyard.


I have never seen a more beautiful sunset than I have since living on the island. My backyard looks unreal when the sun is setting. The house is quiet, my three animals have been fed, I’ve changed into something more comfortable, and I’m ready to relax/study for the evening. The colors of the sun setting shine into my living room and tint the walls in different shades of pink, orange, purple, or blue, depending on the sunset that night.


My favorite sunsets are the orange and red ones. The colors radiate and paint a beautiful picture in the sky. The reds and oranges are bright in the sky like fire, and so surreal. Sunsets remind me to take a moment to appreciate the beauty of nature and the beauty of my temporary home — I have 64 days left on this island, meaning 64 sunsets left to cherish and enjoy. Sunsets are also a constant reminder that, no matter how hard and challenging my day has been, days always come to an end. A new day is approaching to start over and be refreshed.

Next time you’re feeling stressed, take a break and enjoy a sunset (or even a sunrise) for a few minutes – whether it be 30 seconds or 30 minutes. Think of everything you’ve accomplished and remember that a new day is coming, and that your sun sets to rise again.

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