Refreshed & Ready!

Good morning, everyone! I wanted to apologize for my lack of postings over the last month. I was on holiday break in between semesters and tried to clear my mind of everything relating to school for a little bit! I didn’t realize how exhausted and burnt out I really was. Nonetheless, I am back in my last semester of basic sciences and ready to crush it!

My break was very relaxing and eventful. I never wasted a day. I was able to take a trip up to my hometown of Buffalo, NY the week after Christmas to see some snow and visit with my relatives and friends. I also was able to go to the Clemson-Alabama National Championship game in Tampa, FL on January 9. THAT was an experience I will never forget! I am so thankful I had time to enjoy with my family and friends, and just having time to SLEEP IN! I’m back into the semester and my first set of exams are next week already… Can’t believe how quick this last semester is going to go by!

I’d like to end this with a link to my most recent MERCK Manual posting. I’m very passionate and proud of this publication because I put a lot of emotion into it! Check out how I am planning to stay focused and crush my final semester of basic sciences. I talk about how my medical school journey relates to the National Championship game. Check it out! Thank you all for your unconditional support and going along on this journey with me!


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