How I Spend My Weekends

In medical school, there are not enough hours in the day to accomplish everything I want to do. Being on the island, we did not go back an hour like everyone else did in the states. I was talking to my mom one morning and she was telling my brother to set the clocks back an hour. I was so jealous that they had an ‘extra hour’ in their day.

I really take advantage of my weekends ever since I started school. Being in classes all day during the week really makes time go by fast, and leaves me little time to do other things outside of classes and studying. This is what my weekend routine looks like:

Relaxing on Friday nights after a long week of classes is essential. I usually spend Friday nights not doing anything related to school. Usually, it consists of making a homemade pizza and watching romantic comedies on Netflix. Other times, my boyfriend and I go out for date night, if we haven’t already gone out during the week. After exam weeks, I like to go out to dinner with friends and have a few drinks, or have a girls’ night with pizzas and margaritas. I believe it’s important to have a day/evening during the week where you do nothing school-related, so you can unwind and have somewhat of a social life. You also need this free time so you don’t burn out! If you don’t want to waste all of your Friday evening doing ‘nothing’, set a goal for yourself to study all day and then stop around 6-7pm, and spend the rest of the evening taking time for yourself. It’s okay to do nothing every once in awhile!

Saturdays are my absolute favorite. I always ‘sleep in’ on Saturdays as much as I can, to catch up on all the sleep I missed out on during the week. Most Saturdays, I’m up and about around 8:30-9am. Compared to getting up during the week at 6:30, that’s considered sleeping in for me! Other days, I feel lazy and don’t get out of bed until 10-11. Once I do get up, I make myself a nice breakfast to fuel me for the day. I love making an egg and cheese pita sandwich with a little bit of hot sauce. Other days, I make pancakes, eggs, and sausages. After breakfast, I normally catch up on my blog postings, clean up around the house, catch up on laundry, and give the pups a bath. I usually dedicate the first half of my mornings to cleaning and catching up on household chores, because during the week it’s hard to do this on a daily basis. Then, if I’m not doing some kind of activity/trip with friends or my boyfriend, I usually study in the afternoons at least for a little bit. I will also watch Clemson football if they have a game that weekend, or at least keep up with the highlights if the game is happening while I’m studying. One other thing I love to do at least one day a month on the weekends is go to the spa. I love to treat myself to a massage and a few hours of relaxation.

On Sundays, I download all my lecture notes for the week onto my computer. I definitely study on Sundays and review the material we are going to cover for the week, as well as doing practice USMLE MCQs. Sometimes, I will meet up at a hotel cafe with friends to study, or my boyfriend and I will go study and have lunch somewhere. I love the change of scenery and studying outside with the ocean breeze beside me. Another thing I love to do on Sunday mornings (and also on Saturdays too sometimes) is spend time talking to my family on FaceTime. During the week, it’s hard to talk with my family on a regular basis because they are at work/school and I’m studying or in classes all day. I love having the time to just sit outside on my porch and talk with my mom and family without any obligations or time constraints. It’s great to catch up with the family and spend some time with them, in a sense. This refreshes me and really helps me to focus on the upcoming week. Other things I love to do on Sundays is baking a cake, cookies, or muffins, meal prepping for the week ahead, or watching documentaries on Netflix with my boyfriend.

What are some things you do on the weekends to utilize your free time?


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