Halloween on the Island

This time of year is usually the hardest for me because I am away from my family and friends back home for the holidays. Thankfully, since we are all in this together, the school usually organizes events for Halloween, Thanksgiving, and other holidays while we are on the island.

Last night we had a Halloween party at a local bar hosted by the Student Government and WCC. Seeing my siblings dressing up for Halloween and all my friends back home made me really homesick and made me wish I was home to celebrate with them! But I had so much fun last night with all my school friends. I was #4 Deshaun Watson, quarterback from the Clemson Tigers. My friends all had some creative costumes! It’s hard on the island to find Halloween costumes because it’s not usually a holiday that is openly celebrated like it is back in the states. There was only one other Halloween party that I knew of last night. People have to get creative with their costumes unless they bring one from home. Check out my photo collage of some of the costumes my friends had! What did you guys do for Halloween?



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