For those who follow my posts on a regular basis, I’d first like to thank everyone for their support! I’ve had close to 900 visitors and almost 2,000 views to my blog/posts up to date. Thank you for those who share, comment, and send your ideas and words of encouragement! I really love blogging and getting information out to the public. I’ve recently seen an expansion on my demographics for the blog – I’ve had a LOT of viewers from many countries, such as the US, Canada, almost all of the Caribbean islands, Philippines, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Australia, and even France, Italy, and Germany! I cannot thank you all enough for your support. It feels good to know that my work is making a difference and reaching people all around the world!

Next – I’d like to announce that I am planning on starting a new ‘blog series’ of interview features from physicians all around the US, titled “Specialty Secrets: Physician Interviews”! I used to do something similar to this as the Public Affairs Representative for the Doctors of Tomorrow organization within my school’s campus. I promoted Skype call interviews with physicians and allowed students to hear about different specialties and their experiences in medical school. I loved doing this for my fellow classmates and using my resources to benefit as many people as I possibly could! Now, I’d love to take these interviews and promote them on a larger scale with an even bigger audience. My focus is to inform current/prospective medical students regarding different specialties and providing an “inside look” for each one.

I have some great interviews in store for the series! Stay tuned for the first physician interview, who graduated from an international medical school!


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