How To Study: Anatomy, Embryo, and Histo

In my first semester of medical school, I was taking courses such as anatomy, histology, and embryology. The ‘memorization’ classes. I did everything I could to try and memorize what I needed to know – not only for exams – but for my career as a future physician. We all have our own ways of memorization. I love YouTube videos because I am a visual, hands-on learner. If I see something presented in a video or demonstrated in front of me, I am more likely to remember it vs. reading it from a textbook or lecture notes. With the anatomy videos, there are some where they draw out the different nerves/blood vessels, and I was able to learn those by drawing them out a few times.

Here are some of my favorite YouTube videos that I used in my first semester to master the core class concepts.






    • I think that’s a great idea to start studying ahead. When you get here, it will be overwhelming due to the new location, adjusting to the school and island, and trying to process all the information coming at you in your first semester. That is one thing I wish I did – studied ahead of time – it would have made it easier on me the first semester! But like all new things, once you get into a routine and know how things work around here, you’ll do great 🙂

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