Tropical Storm Matthew

As many of you may know, there was a tropical storm that was predicted to hit some of the Caribbean islands yesterday. In the US, whenever we got a storm warning, I personally never took it THAT seriously. People would often go stock up on bread, milk, and other things… I thought that was overrated, honestly. But this time, they were predicting Matthew to hit the islands pretty hard, especially our little island of St. Vincent. Taking precautions, our school’s campus closed early on the day that the storm was predicted to hit (Tuesday).  Our neighbors and landlady told us to stock up on water and non-perishable food items, and told us where to find emergency water if necessary. I took these precautions a little more seriously because I had never experienced something like this before in a Caribbean island. I stocked up on water, snacks, and dog food for the pups. Everyone also told us to charge up all our devices because it was possible we would be losing electricity as well. There was a document circulating with evacuation centers in each town, and certain areas were more at risk for needing a quick evacuation. I was reassured that my town was not on the list.

Around 6pm Tuesday, we got a notice from the school saying that the island was going to cut off the water supply at 11pm that evening, just in case the river systems were compromised with the storm. They didn’t want to distribute muddy water and contaminate their water source by distributing it to the island. That, plus seeing the images of the storm headed towards the island, freaked me out a little bit more, but I knew that we would be okay. No one was exactly sure as to when the storm was going to hit.

Long story short, I peacefully fell asleep around 10pm Tuesday because I was exhausted. I woke up around 2am to a very light, peaceful rainfall. I woke up again around 7am and there was no rain; I looked outside and checked on the dogs and everything seemed to be normal. I was expecting not to be able to sleep so soundly last night, because I thought the wind and rain would be monstrous. I woke up with electricity and running water, and everything was fine. No damage to the house or the property at all. Even our garbage can near the road was still standing.

EDIT on Wednesday: The school just sent out an email saying that St. Vincent is now on ‘tropical storm watch’ and that the campus is closing at 1pm today. However, I was reading in the weather reports that the storm has already moved west of the islands…  There is word that the storm will be hitting the island around 2-3pm this afternoon. But according to this link  here, the storm should have passed by now.

So it’s 8:30pm on Wednesday night and it’s been raining pretty strongly all day, and windy. I guess the storm is hitting now and not last night, like everyone was saying! According to weather satellite images, it looks like the storm is right over the islands. I read on a weather page that there was a small landslide that was blocking part of a road, and also that one of the rivers was rising rapidly. I also saw that all businesses and public services will be closed tomorrow. Praying for everyone’s safety during the night, as well as my own!

EDIT: Friday, 9/30: The storm is over. Everything is back to normal. Yesterday, they lifted the ‘tropical storm warning’ off of the island. Businesses and public services were still closed yesterday, but everything is pretty much back to normal now! We didn’t have water yesterday morning, and it was cloudy and rainy all day yesterday, but it has definitely passed through the night and everything is good now! Thanks for sticking with me on my experience with the tropical storm!


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