Back Into The Routine

I can’t believe I am finished with my first semester of medical school! It went by really fast. Sorry for the lack of postings within the last few months; I have been so busy with finishing up finals for first semester and enjoying my time at home! My break home was so relaxing and much-needed. I feel pretty refreshed and ready for this second semester, even though the material seems a little harder than before! It’s okay though. Over break, I did a lot of traveling and relaxing. Spent time with important people in my life and made a lot of memories! Did a really fun photoshoot with the family, and celebrated my parents’ 25th wedding anniversary with a huge dinner party and celebration with close family and friends. Went to St. Augustine, FL and Savannah, GA with my awesome boyfriend, and spent time with my family. Had a big New Years’ Eve party with a lot of good friends and shot a lot of fireworks. Definitely a productive and exciting break! Although, it went by too fast.

This semester, I am taking a research class, clinical correlations, genetics,  biochemistry, physiology, and neuroscience. It seems like it will be a hard semester but I am ready to get back into my routine! We have a lot of new students (another school’s campus merged with ours, so I have new classmates, and also the new first-semester students are here too). Even though I really enjoyed going home for break and spending time with my family, I did miss the island and my routine here, so I am glad to be back and settled in! Haven’t really gotten to know the other students yet, but it has only been the first two days of school so I am sure over time we will all get to know each other. It’s exciting to talk to some of the first semester students and hear their views and opinions on everything that I have gone through. ALSO, I got two new roommates who were originally supposed to start with us in the fall, but had to defer to the spring semester. They are so sweet! I feel like we will all get along great. They are very laid back and nice! It’s also great to see my friends and classmates from first semester who came back. There are a lot of people missing because some aren’t coming back until the weekend, so it’s really hard to tell who isn’t coming back or who is just arriving late. Hopefully by next week everything will smooth out and the routine will fall back into place again!



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