I Went to the Hospital!

Wow. October really went by quickly! I feel like I had something to do every weekend in October, on top of studying and classes all week – which makes sense why it went by so fast. I can’t believe that my mom, brother, and best friend are coming to see me in LESS THAN TWO MONTHS! My first semester of medical school is going to be over before I know it. One of the weekends, I went on a day cruise with some of my friends to the island of Bequia. We had an awesome time – unlimited snacks & drinks on the catamaran and lunch was included at a restaurant on the island. Everything was perfect until I got stung on my ankle from a sea animal! I got out of the water and my foot started burning, so I looked down and there was a sting area and it was bleeding. Long story short – I couldn’t feel my leg for half the day, but when we got off the boat and I walked around for a little bit, feeling was restored and my foot was just a little swollen. To this day, I still don’t know what stung me! But I will get back to that later on in the post….

So I have been doing really cool stuff in cadaver lab also! For anatomy, the second month we were on the topics of thorax and lower limb. We were able to cut open the chest area with a bone saw and pull open the rib cage and see where the heart and lungs were located. That was an awesome feeling to hold a human heart and lungs in my hands – a wonderful experience! It really makes me grateful for the opportunity to participate in the cadaver lab because I love putting everything into perspective as to where it is located in the body. Really fascinating to see how our body is set up and how all these organ systems work together! This past week, we started the third month of material, and in cadaver lab today we opened up the abdominal cavity and saw the large/small intestines, stomach, liver, bladder, and other organs in that area. That was also really cool to see! I am definitely learning so much and am loving medical school so far. I improved on my last set of exams, so I’m really proud of myself for getting the hang of studying and focusing more.

Anyways, back to the sting on my foot. I didn’t have any issues with my foot since the day it got stung. However, last week after the anatomy lab exam, I noticed that my foot was becoming really itchy and swollen. I thought maybe I had just irritated it from wearing close-toe shoes. I forgot about it until I got home, and when I took off my shoes my foot was becoming very discolored and my lower leg was SO swollen. I got really nervous and my landlady ended up taking me to the hospital and – long story short – I found out I had cellulitis (which is a bacterial infection). The doctor said since the area was compromised from the animal sting, perhaps I was scratching a mosquito bite or the sting area and it got infected. I am about to finish my last course in the antibiotics so it should be all cleared up! The hospital was quite different from what we are used to in the US. The wait time was just as long. And instead of getting your medications/IVs/injections in the hospital, you have to be seen by a doctor, take a prescription to a pharmacy outside of the hospital, pick up the medications/IVs/injections, and then bring it back to the hospital so a doctor can administer it (if necessary – that relates more to the IVs and injections). It’s crazy that they don’t have a supply at the hospital. But all is good now – I am fine!

November should be a pretty relaxed month. Nothing big planned for the weekends except studying and sleeping in/relaxing! I want this to be my best semester so I am planning on staying after school every day starting next week, so I can focus and study in the library. My mom has been awesome and sent me a few care packages filled with snacks, surprises, and fall goodies. She knows how much I love the fall season and how much I am missing it right now. While I type this post, I am burning a Bath and Body Works Pumpkin Cupcake candle while listening to jazz music 😛 and thanks to her, I am able to enjoy Pumpkin Spice Lattes in the mornings on my way to school. I know I probably sound like a “basic white girl”… LEAVE ME ALONE! My mom is the absolute BEST. It’s like Christmas receiving packages from home! Speaking of the commute to school… I am finding more and more things that I look forward to seeing. I just discovered a house that has two little puppies that lay outside in the sun… They are SO tiny and so cute! There seem to be a lot of baby animals lately – or maybe I am just noticing them more often – little puppies, baby cows, baby goats, little chicks… I LOVE IT! Makes me so happy! I love the little things about this island that make my days nice. But enough about my obsession with baby animals… I should probably get back to studying anatomy. I will attach a photo of my friends and I on the day cruise, and a photo of the beach! I know that November is going to go by just as quickly, but it will really suck not being able to spend Thanksgiving with my family this year 😦 Despite the circumstances, thankfully I have a great set of people that I can spend Thanksgiving with here! ❤

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