La Soufrière Volcano Hike

It has been a busy last few weeks – I can’t believe it’s already October! I feel like I will be preparing for my next set of exams again in a couple of weeks, ugh. I am so jealous for all my friends back home who are about to go on Fall Break – I wish we could have just one day so I can catch up on sleep and relax! 😉 I have been busy working on a presentation for class and studying as usual. This past weekend, a group of friends and I went on a hike to the La Soufrière volcano with a school organization. We left from the school around 6:15am and had a 2-hour bus ride to the volcano. We started at sea level on the beach and climbed up about 4,000 feet to get to the top! It took us about 3.5hours to get to the top. That was QUITE an experience! I had never done something that intense before. My first impression of the hike was that it was going to be sort of like a nature trail with a designated pathway to get to the top… I was SO WRONG! We were literally going through single-path openings in grass taller than me, climbing up steep rocks, and over narrow pathways with steep drops on each side. Literally almost as if we were walking through the jungle – ducking down under low branches, getting scratched up from plants, and bruises/cuts all over our arms and legs. It was pretty intense and I think I got a little dehydrated, but it was such a great experience! I fell a few times and slipped on the loose dirt – and so did all my friends, and it was hilarious, but we had a great time! We had a local who was our “tour guide” and he was telling us how his grandfather owned part of the land that the volcano was on. Once we got to the top of the volcano, it was such a pretty sight. I had never been to the top of a volcano before, so it was new to me. It would have been cool if there was lava to see down below, but this volcano hasn’t erupted in many years (according to Google, its last eruption was in 1979). We had lunch at the top, and it was very windy and a little cold, which isn’t surprising because we were 4,000 feet above sea level. It was an accomplishment, looking down at the beach from the top of the volcano and to see the distance that we had hiked. Although it was quite a rough journey! Hiking back down wasn’t easy either. There were times when we had to slide down because the slope was too steep and there was dirt. It was hilarious to see everyone losing their footing and just slipping down, myself included, numerous times! My muscles were becoming so weak towards the last 1/4 of the hike that I collapsed a few times and just couldn’t get back up. When we finally made it back to the beach, we were so happy (and exhausted). A bunch of people jumped into the ocean and swam for a little bit to cool off and relax, and then we took the bus back home. We stopped at a little convenience store and cleaned out their stock of Gatorade and water because everyone ran out of drinks on the hike, and we were all so thirsty. Then I had the best nap ever on that bus ride going back home, haha. I was INCREDIBLY exhausted. We got back to the apartments around 7:30p. I was knocked out and asleep by 8:30p and slept for the whole night straight. Even though I am still a little sore, 3 days later, it was SUCH a great experience and I am glad to say that I was able to do that while living here on the island! I will include some photos down below. I had better get some sleep – I have my presentation tomorrow on shoulder dislocations! 🙂 ❤

12072756_10204916362216064_2234002689870806443_n 12072829_10204916371456295_4305352040411462989_n 12122816_10204916367576198_8114721547534681368_n 12141566_10204916370616274_3100344912204984199_n


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